Sonar, Crochet, Zona - Mike and Pete Live


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Sonar, Crochet, Zona - Mike and Pete Live


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Mike Iaconelli and Pete Gluszek host Bass University TV LIVE, a bass fishing web show, where they discuss the latest training seminards and PRO subscribers can ask questions and win prizes! Live shows are free to watch, so watch for our newsletter for the next show, which is usually about once a month.

In this episode, featuring recent Bassmaster Open winner Cliff Crochet and BASS host and television personality Mark Zona, Mike and Pete discuss:

Brent Ehrler's Amazing Electronics, Sonar, Sidescan, Downscan class - Basically Mike and Pete talk about how valuable this information is for maximizing your time out fishing, particularly when the fish are off shore.

Cliff Crochet joins the show and discusses his recent tournament win and his latest Bass University TV Seminar Getting Good Hooksets

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The Bass University is the most comprehensive bass fishing instructional program out there...I would recommend this to anyone who is seriously or even moderately into bass fishing.
- Dave Wolak