Lipless crankbaits are looked at primarily as spring and fall baits, but don’t let that stop you from throwing them all during the year. While they do excel in those seasons, Rat-L-Traps are versatile enough to be used in a variety of conditions all season. In this seminar, Cliff Crochet explains how to use all of the various Rat-L-Trap models, and how to put together the perfect setup for each one. 

  • 2:45 Best Hooks For Rat-L-Traps
  • 4:00 Imitating Shad Sounds
  • 5:10 Finding The Right Equipment
  • 8:25 Trap Fishing In The Spring/Fall
  • 10:30 Spring Search Bait
  • 11:40 Finding The Right Retrieve
  • 15:40 Size Variations
  • 18:10 Line Size
  • 19:35 Summertime
  • 21:35 Color Options
  • 22:30 Yo-Yoing 
  • 23:05 When To Use A Floating Trap
  • 23:30 Fall Lipless Fishing
  • 26:20 Rat-L-Trap vs. Squarebill
  • 28:30 Cold-Water Techniques
  • 37:00 Importance Of The Right Tackle
  • 41:35 Setting The Hook

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