After the Bassmaster Classic on Lake Wylie, Cliff was inspired to work on topwater frog fishing system. A lot has changed for the average bass fisherman since then, particularly in the quality of tackle and frog design. In this remastered bass fishing class seminar, Cliff Crochet arlks through his frog fishing system: tackle, technique, hooksets, putting the frog down & where to fish. All the tackle is important, but Cliff focuses on why having the right rod is crucial for casting accuracy, working the frog and getting a good hookset. While Cliff throws a frog from January to December, there are some situations where you need to opt for a different technique, Crochet also shares these sitations in this 48-minute class.

  • 1:51 How Cliff got started with his frogging system
  • 4:05 Froggin' water - depth, temperature & season
  • 7:58 Frog fishing rods
  • 10:31 Frog fishing reels
  • 11:26 Frog fishing line
  • 13:31 Different kinds of frogs
  • 15:00 THE key to frog fishing success
  • 19:52 The importance of angles in frog fishing
  • 24:15 Casting, casting and more casting
  • 27:29 Frog fishing hooksets & landing fish
  • 33:41 When to NOT fish a frog
  • 35:50 Quality vs quantity
  • 36:38 How important is isolated cover?
  • 39:15 Retrieve in heavy cover
  • 44:58 Crochet's favorite frog colors
  • 45:27 Open water frog hooksets
  • 46:39 Modifying a topwater frog

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