Senko Spinners

"Cajun Baby" Cliff Corchet is really excited to talk to you about this lure. When most people say that, it's because they have to, but he's genuinely excited to talk about it. Before starting Cliff discusses a great area of confusion for many tournament bass fishing fans, the difference between a "Keith Poche" and a "Cliff Crochet". Directly after clarifying who the presenter is (Cliff Crochet), he immediately muddies the water again by introducing the lure topic of this seminar, The Humdinger Keith Poche Power Spinner. Specifically, fishing this spinner with a Senko, Luck-E-Strike Pow Stik or any other soft plastic stick bait. Cliff talks about when, where and how to fish a senko with a spinner on the tail. He discusses different retrieves: swimming, worming, twitching and more. Crochet had intended to talk about this topic at the end of his Shallow Water Jerkbait Tactics seminar, but ran out of time, so this is somewhat a continuation of that seminar.

Cliff Crochet Lessons Learned

Cliff Corchet talks about some of the valuable lessons he's learned throughout his tournament fishing career that may help you in your decision making. These include:

  • Sun vs. Pressure - in the spawn, which one takes precedent?
  • Know Your Limits - Be aware of your boats capabilities and your time in tournament bass fishing
  • Good Equipment - Make sure your equipment is operational and tournament-ready
  • Situation Decides Baits - Don't get stuck fishing the bait you want them to bite
  • and more!

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