The Old School Spinnerbait - Crochet

Cliff Crochet was in Edison, NJ to share his knowledge of spinnerbaits with The Bass University students and record this how-to instructional bass fishing seminar video. If you're not familiar with "Cajun Baby" (Cliff's nickname), he's a 4-time Bassmaster Classic qualifier with 14 top 10 finishes and over half-a-million dollars in career winnings at the time of this writing. In 2019 Cliff made his way to Major League Fishing's Bass Pro Tour. 

  • 1:52 Spinnerbaits, a really good, and sometimes forgotten bait
  • 2:48 Shallow water spinnerbaits (baits, rods, reels & line)
  • 7:52 Spinnerbait hooksets
  • 9:13 Cliff's best easy tip for spinnerbait fishing
  • 11:05 Blades and spinnerbait personality
  • 12:39 Conditions dicate everything in spinnerbait selection and presentation
  • 16:57 Trailer hooks when Cliff fishes them and when he doesn't fish them
  • 17:26 Spinnerbait retrieves
  • 18:04 Fishing pressure
  • 18:39 Spinnerbait colors and skirts
  • 21:54 Kicker blade tip
  • 24:05 Spring (Prespawn and spawn) spinnerbait fishing
  • 27:51 Postspawn and shad spawn
  • 33:05 Trailers, trailer hooks and spinnerbait fishing tips
  • 46:15 Question and Answer time with Cliff Crochet on fishing spinnerbaits

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