iCast 2017 - Award-Winning Hard Lure - 3D Bat

iCast 2017 - Award-Winning Hard Lure - 3D Bat


2016 & 2017 Best Hard Lure award-winning tackle manufacturer Savage Gear to the Bass University TV Live booth at iCast 2017. Mads Grosell and Savage Gear pro Travis Klein talk about the 2016 iCast award-winning Savage Gear 3D Suicide Duck, and introduce the 2017 award-winning hard lure the Savage Gear 3D Bat. They talk about the inspiration and research that went into these 2 topwater baits, and the action of the baits as you work them in the water. They go on to talk about other developments within the company and what products to expect from Savage Gear in the near future.

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