Fishing pressure is impacting every body of water across the country – potentially more than ever.  One way anglers can offset this is by reaching fish that others aren’t targeting. 

“If you want to do this for a living, you can go anywhere in the country, and catch more fish than anybody else just by being able to outcast them and put your baits in places that your average guy can't,” said Drew Benton, quoting his fishing mentor.

In this seminar, Benton talks about how targeting fish in hard-to-reach places has played an important role in his career.  While most anglers target the front edges of trees and boat docks, the fish living deeper in the cover see fewer baits – and can often be larger than the fish in areas that are easier to get to. Benton says the best way to reach these fish is by skipping baits under the cover. Learning how to skip, though, is more important than the actual technique you choose. 

Benton also discusses the best types of baits to skip and the his ideal rod, reel, and line setup. 

  • 1:35 Difference In Lakes Vs. Rivers
  • 3:15 Best Methods For Putting Baits In Key Locations
  • 3:35 How To Skip A Bait
  • 5:30 Best Baits To Skip
  • 12:45 How To Get Baits Unhung
  • 14:35 How To Improve Your Casting
  • 19:15 Importance Of Having The Right Setup
  • 23:55 Tips For Making Better Casts
  • 28:50 Best Line For Skipping
  • 37:20 Best Weights For Skipping
  • 38:55 Importance Of Reel Speed

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