Bassmaster Elite Series tournament bass fishing angler Drew Benton wants you to know that offshore fishing is not just for fishing ledges. Using new electronics like side scan and forward-facing sonar, you can effectively fish road beds, bream beds and brush piles for loads of giant bass and potentially win tournaments. In this bass fishing class seminar, Drew shares his favorite lures for fishing these 3 offshore targets, as well as how to fish them. 

  • 0:21 Looking for more than the typical offshore fishing
  • 1:42 Bass travel roads too, Drew Benton has a sleeper bait for these areas and tips on how to fish them to catch the most fish and not scatter the school
  • 7:17 How to successfully fish brush using forward-facing sonar like ActiveTarget or Mega Live, depths to search in different seasons & best lures for fishing brush in calm and choppy conditions
  • 19:07 Bream beds are not just up shallow. Drew shares his favorite baits for fishing offshore bream and shellcracker beds and how to fish them
  • 24:29 New vs old brush and trees
  • 26:09 Tackle recap for bass fishing offshore
  • 29:03 Approaching offshore structure & cover
  • 30:47 How to know if a brush pile or bluegill beds are active
  • 32:14 How long does it take for bass to find and setup on brush piles?
  • 33:57 Where fish bite spinnerbaits on brush piles
  • 35:12 How much time to spend graphing with sonar electronics?
  • 36:40 How much water clarity do you need to fish a hair jig?
  • 38:21 Are brush piles effective on grass lakes?
  • 41:40 Do you pause balsa baits over brush piles?
  • 43:11 How much brush is Drew Benton dropping before tournaments?
  • 44:38 Where to plant brush where other anglers won't find them

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