Bryan Thrift has won over $2.5M in professional bass fishing tournaments, primarily with the FLW Tour. He has 10 FLW wins and 63 top ten tournament finishes. A lot of his success has come from fishing various types of brush from brush under docks to offshore brush on humps and flats. Not all brush is the same, and Bryan Thrift is here to tell you how to locate productive brush. Locating brush is only have the equation, Bryan will also share tips and techniques for fishing brush, once you've located it. Get your notepad ready, because Bryan Thrift is sharing over 1 hour of bass fishing tips for fishing brush in this Bass University exclusive fishing educational class seminar.

  • 0:16 Why brush fishing is one of Bryan's favorite things to do, and why he's been successful doing it in bass fishing tournaments
  • 3:01 2 different types of brush and when you should target one or the other
  • 3:20 Tips for locating brush to fish
  • 4:34 3 main ways that Bryan Thrift attacks offshore brush all year
  • 6:11 Cranking brush - getting bites, achieving the right depth & bait, tips for not getting hung up and recommended rod, reel & line
  • 18:01 Jig fishing brush - Fishing a bigger profile bait on the bottom, like the Damiki Mamba 2 Casting Jigs with a Damiki Knock Out Creature Baits. Learn how to get a jig through the limbs without burying up and losing baits. Rod, reel & line recommendations for fishing jigs in the brush.
  • 28:52 Finesse fishing brush - Firstly, Bryan dispells the misconception that the shaky head only catches small fish. 
  • 33:36 Approaching a brush pile. Do you need to approach from a certain angle?
  • 36:42 Bryan Thrift has covered several "Do"s for fishing brush, a bass fishing class attendee ask if there are any "Don't"s for fishing brush
  • 41:22 Natural brush vs. artificial brush. Do you treat them differently?
  • 44:39 Do you need to see bass in the brush on your electronics before committing to fish that piece of cover?
  • 46:34 Shallow brush fishing
  • 47:34 Bryan Thrift's first bait choices for fishing shallow brush
  • 52:14 Locating sneaky brush piles
  • 54:46 Bryan Thrift hates fishing standing timber, but he has some tips for fishing it
  • 56:51 Waypoints and remembering where you caught bass from different brush locations
  • 58:01 Lining up your cast when coming back to a waypoint for maximum fishing efficiency


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