Finding & Fishing Isolated Cover for Bass - Bryan Thrift

Finding & Fishing Isolated Cover for Bass - Bryan Thrift

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In this on the water bass fishing class, Major League Fishing pro Bryan Thrift takes you out with his Humminbird electronics to locate, mark and fish isolated cover.  Bryan shows you how to locate a isolated target with Humminbird side imaging, how to return to that waypoint and position your boat, taking into account the current weather conditions, staying on the spot with boat positioning tips and hitting the target every time using your Humminbird 360 scan.

  • 0:15 Setting range when scanning for isolated cover
  • 1:03 Identifying and marking a waypoint on isolated structure/cover
  • 2:05 How to properly line up to make a cast on a marked waypoint
  • 3:40 Using MEGA 360 to make an accurate first cast, easily hit that target and hopefully catch a fish
  • 4:47 Setting up and staying in position without making a cloud of waypoints
  • 7:43 Fishing isolated cover using MEGA 360 imaging from Humminbird
  • 8:57 One essential tool for fishing offshore isolated cover like brush that will save you a lot of money
  • 10:41 The beauty of fishing isolated targets
  • 11:55 Bryan Thrift's offshore run 'n' gun baits/lures
  • 14:19 Figuring out which bait the bass are willing to commit to
  • 17:38 Efficiency once you get the bait dialed in

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I am an avid above average fisherman on the white river system. I think the interviews are outstanding by Pete Gluszek. And I am not blowing smoke up your pantleg. Always leaves with a thought or technique to try. Just been a member for a year, but find it VERY EDUCATIONAL. I attempt to try something new that I learned from a video, each and every time I go out. Your product is big time and I am a former coach. Pete has some serious teaching skills in him.
- Brad D.