Bassmaster Elite Series Champion Bryan Schmitt is with Bass University on his favorite body of water, the Potomac River.

Bryan has won more tournaments than you can count on the Potomac, and it's a fishery where he cut his teeth. One of Bryan's favorite techniques for fishing submerged vegetation is a lipless crankbait (which some people call 'Rat-L-Traps' or simply 'Traps'). Bryan will take you through his setup, size selection, and how he fishes a lipless crankbait. 

Learn the secrets of fishing lipless crankbaits in and around submerged vegetation in this on-the-water class with Bassmaster Elite Champion Bryan Schmitt on the Potomac River with Bass University. 

Bryan Schmitt Lipless Cranking Shallow Habitat Class Chapters

  • 0:14: Schmitt Lipless Introduction 
  • 1:40: Lipless Setup 
  • 6:20: How to Fish a Lipless Crankbait 
  • 17:15: Yo-Yo Technique 
  • 17:51: Bryan Schmitt Recap

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