Fishing large grass beds can often be overwhelming for many anglers. To the untrained eye, it all looks the same. However, being able to break down grass beds effectively will help you catch more bass. “Grass is a good habitat,” said Bryan Schmitt. “It's probably the best habitat on any of body of water you could have. Not only does it filter the water ... it provides an excellent area for bait to hold.” Understanding grass fishing isn’t as simple as knowing what baits to throw. The complicated thing is the various types of grass and how fish relate to each one, which Schmitt covers in this seminar. Schmitt does also dive into his favorite techniques for fishing grass, which include swim jigs, lipless crankbaits, flipping and pitching baits, drop shots, and the Chatterbait. He also breaks down how differently grass lakes fish in the South, North, on tidal water systems, and on the various TVA lakes in the South – which present their own unique challenges due to the controlled current by the dam system. Two things that Schmitt stresses in this seminar are the importance of boat positioning and just how important it can be to turn off your electronics when you don’t need them. Grass fish are pressured possibly more than any other fish on the lake, and reducing your noise and putting yourself in the right position can be the difference in catching them or not.

  • 2:40 Why Grass Is Good For Catching Bass
  • 3:50 Understanding The Types Of Grass
  • 5:00 Swim Jig Setup
  • 8:20 Lipless Crankbaits Around Grass
  • 15:20 Flipping And Pitching Around Grass
  • 19:25 Fishing A Drop Shot In Grass
  • 27:50 Tips For Fishing Chatterbaits
  • 33:40 When To Turn Off Electronics
  • 37:20 Grass Fishing In The South
  • 40:40 Grass Fishing On Tidal Waters
  • 46:00 Grass Fishing In The North
  • 49:15 Adjustments To Make When Fishing Grass
  • 52:15 Grass Fishing On TVA Reservoirs (Wheeler Lake, Kentucky Lake, Nickajack Lake, Chickamauga Lake, Cherokee Reservoir, etc)
  • 54:00 How Weather Impacts Grass Fishing
  • 56:20 Importance Of Boat Positioning

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