The drop shot is a go-to finesse technique for many anglers when the bite gets tough when fishing vertical and offshore structure. However, did you know it’s also a good technique for targeting largemouth around submerged grass?

“There are times you can’t beat a slow presentation, even related to grass,” said Bryan Schmitt. “... When I realized I could catch fish finesse fishing around grass, it really helped my performance. There have been times when I’ve actually won – or come really close to winning tournaments – strictly finesse fishing, drop shotting in the grass.”

The drop shot offers a way for anglers to present soft plastic lures vertically but raised off the bottom to target bass in a more subtle way. 

Schmitt says that while many anglers often target grass with swim jigs and vibrating jigs, this finesse approach offers a way to help pick off fish you may have otherwise missed while power fishing – especially around grass lines. 

While many people drop shot with exposed hooks and light fluorocarbon line, fishing around grass and heavier cover calls for stronger gear. For that reason, Schmitt opts for a little bit stronger rod and line to help navigate bass out of the vegetation. 

In terms of presentation, less can often be more. Schmitt says a lot of anglers have a tendency to over-work the bait when the natural movement of the current and boat can often be more than enough to entice bites. 

Schmitt also goes over his choice of weight, hook, and his best drop shot worm – as well as how to set the hook and get more bites on a drop shot. 

Ready to step up your finesse game and catch more bass? Watch Schmitt's video now to learn his insider tips and tricks for drop shotting around submerged grass.

Key Dropshotting in Grass Topics

  • 2:00 Using Drop Shots Around Grass
  • 6:20 Importance Of Having The Right Drop Shot Setup
  • 11:20 Picking The Right Drop Shot Worm (Missile Baits Magic Worm)
  • 13:20 Best Knot For Tying Braid To Fluorocarbon
  • 14:50 How To Drop Shot In Grass
  • 21:15 Getting More Bites On Drop Shots
  • 27:00 How To Fish A Drop Shot

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