Covering water quickly is one of the best ways to locate areas with a large number of bass. Very few baits do that as effectively as a Chatterbait – especially in the grass. Bladed jigs allow anglers to imitate both crawfish and baitfish, making them a versatile bait for any conditions. In this seminar, Bryan Schmitt offers his perspective on the role Chatterbaits play in an angler’s arsenal. Schmitt also breaks down his universal setup for fishing these baits, and the importance of size and color options.

  • 4:15 Using Chatterbaits Regardless Of Conditions
  • 5:25 Understanding Chatterbait Equipment
  • 8:10 Picking The Right Bait
  • 11:10 Making Color Adjustments
  • 11:55 Tips For Fishing Chatterbaits
  • 13:15 How To Choose A Trailer
  • 15:00 How To Retrieve A Chatterbait
  • 19:00 Keys to Covering Water
  • 23:00 Triggering Strikes
  • 25:55 Using Dark Colors
  • 28:10 Finding Ambush Points In Grass
  • 30:25 Setting The Hook

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