Do you want to know how to be a better swim jig fisherman? A lot of anglers love to throw spinnerbaits and chatterbaits, but a swim jig offers a more subtle variation – which is especially important around pressured fish. In this seminar, Bassmaster Elites Series pro Bryan Schmitt goes over just how to fish a swim jig, and offers some of his favorite tips and tricks. Schmitt highlights his favorite swim jig rod and explains how he created his own custom swim jig. 

  • 1:00 Why To Throw A Swim Jig
  • 4:20 Picking The Right Rod and Reel For Swim Jig Fishing
  • 5:45 Selecting The Right Swim Jig
  • 11:40 When To Use Different Swim Jig Trailers
  • 15:25 How To Retrieve A Swim Jig
  • 17:50 On The Water Swim Jig Fishing
  • 19:40 Importance Of Varying Your Retrieve With A Swim Jig
  • 22:10 Picking The Right Size Swim Jig

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