Bryan Schmitt, a Bassmaster Elite Series Pro and Champion, teams up with Bass University to guide you through his crankbait strategy for catching more and bigger bass throughout the seaons. In this on-the-water, Bryan shares his preferred tools for successful crankbait fishing, such as his rod, reel, line, and Spro crankbaits. While on the water, he explains his approach to crankbait fishing throughout the seasons and the adjustments he makes. Bryan emphasizes the importance of considering conditions for crankbait fishing, highlighting that there's always an opportune time and place for a successful crankbait bite. Join the on-the-water class with Bryan Schmitt, a Bassmaster Elite Series Pro and Champion, to learn about the various actions of crankbaits and his seasonal approach in this Bass University session.

Seasonal Shallow Cranking for Bass Chapters

  • 0:14: Schmitt’s Weapons of Choice 
  • 7:51: Crankbait Keys 
  • 12:08: Seasonal Crankbait Fishing 
  • 14:00: Crankbait Conditions and Technique 
  • 21:00: Making Adjustments
  • 31:29: Crankbait 101 Recap 

What Will I Learn In This Seasonal Shallow Cranking Video?

  • Bryan Schmitt's seasonal shallow cranking strategy
  • Preferred tackle: rod, reel, line, and Spro crankbaits
  • Year-round approach to crankbait fishing and the necessary adjustments you need to make
  • Importance of considering conditions for successful crankbait fishing
  • Opportune times and places for a successful crankbait bite
  • On-the-water bass fishing demonstration with Bryan Schmitt for insights into crankbait actions and seasonal approaches

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