Bassmaster Clent Davis joins The Bass University for an in-depth class on brush piles. Soup to nuts, Clent covers: Making brush piles, finding other people's brush piles, baits for fishing brush piles (Spring, Summer & Fall), lining up to fish a brush pile (and why forward-facing sonar is a must), getting fish & baits out of brush piles and even other tournament anglers moving brush piles or baiting them. 

  • 0:18 Brush pile fishing isn't just for catching crappie
  • 1:08 Type of brush piles and the best ones
  • 3:02 Lining up to fish a brush pile (forward facing sonar makes it a lot easier)
  • 5:23 Brush pile bass fishing in the Spring (baits & tackle)
  • 8:25 Summer baits and tips for brush pile fishing
  • 11:04 Autumn/Fall brush pile fishing for bass
  • 13:38 What's the best way to get baits out of brush piles?
  • 14:20 Side imaging settings for finding brush piles and not getting too close to the pile when coming off plane
  • 16:43 Angles when fishing brush piles
  • 17:26 How much water is too much over the top of a brush pile?
  • 18:50 Where your first cast when bass fishing a brush pile?
  • 19:59 How do you not lose a jackhammer on every cast when fishing brush piles
  • 22:03 Looking for awesome hidden brush piles & other shenanigans
  • 26:00 Hooking a bass on the big worm
  • 26:35 Smallmouth on brush piles?
  • 27:22 What to do if a fish gets tangled in the brush pile
  • 28:21 How many brush piles a day does Clent Davis fish in his rotation?
  • 29:13 Spinnerbait vs chatterbait
  • 30:44 Technique for weighting brush piles
  • 31:44 Fishing tournament success fishing brush piles

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