Clent Davis has spent most of his life fishing tailraces. Some of the techniques have evolved, and bass are a little more particular about what they bite these days. Thankfully, there are some great techniques that still catch bass from Spring to Fall. Clent is here to share his bass fishing secrets on where the bass setup at different times of year and based on how many gates are open. Clent Davis also talks about his favorite baits for these three seasons and the recipe for success when getting bass to bite in the tailraces. In the remainder of this 38-minute bass fishing class seminar video, Clent shares tips on: when to NOT fish tailraces, where different bass species setup/position in the current, best scrounger heads and the #1 mistake that people make when fishing tailraces.

  • 0:16 Clent Davis wants to teach you what he's learned from a lifetime of fishing behind dams
  • 0:45 Breaking down a power-generation dam
  • 1:56 When to NOT fish the tailraces
  • 3:27 Understanding where the fish position when the turbines are running
  • 4:06 Baits for fishing in tailraces in the Spring
  • 5:06 #1 mistake that people make when fishing tailraces
  • 6:30 Summertime tailrace lures and where to catch them
  • 8:58 Where bass that usually feed in the current go to spawn
  • 10:14 Detecting bites in white water
  • 11:28 Best time to fish for largemouth bass on the Coosa River
  • 14:30 Autumn/Fall baits for fishing behind the dam
  • 16:26 What to do when the current's not running
  • 17:37 How do you work your bait in the current?
  • 18:52 Willow blade chatterbait or underspin
  • 21:40 The best scrounger heads
  • 23:10 Dam schedules
  • 25:16 Places where bass setup in the current (spotted & smallmouth bass vs largemouth)
  • 27:34 Where do shad spawn around the dam?
  • 29:35 Boat positioning in heavy tailrace current
  • 30:36 Do you ever fish the double fluke doneky rig in the tailraces?
  • 31:15 Do the fish bite in the winter?
  • 32:06 Series of lightning questions from The Dean about equipment and getting bit
  • 35:10 Getting the right action out of the scrounger head
  • 37:02 Trailers for finesse jigs

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