Drew Benton has years of experience and has learned from other veteran anglers' decades of experience fishing river current. Like other current-fishing enthusiasts, you'll often find Drew Benton making his way up some of the gnarliest river and creek channels to get to an out-of-the-way place to fish out of the crowd. Aside from having the water to yourself, current makes bass setup in predictable places, so you can fish efficiently, making casts to high percentage targets. In this bass fishing class seminar video, Drew Benton talks about where, when & how to fish river current and he shares his top 5 baits to get the job done.

  • 0:18 A short story of Drew Benton's bass fishing in current background
  • 2:14 Why to fish current and the best time to look for current
  • 5:14 How to navigate & fish current
  • 7:59 Type of baits for fishing in the current
  • 10:28 Where to look for patterns to fish in rivers
  • 15:00 What to target when fishing river current
  • 18:27 Drew Benton's key baits for fishing in river current
  • 23:17 Examples of different kinds of current from Drew Benton's fishing experiences
  • 29:21 Adjusting weights for the amount of current
  • 30:19 Do you ever work your bait against the current?
  • 32:37 Do you peg the weight on soft plastic lures that are Texas rigged?
  • 33:05 How predictably do bass setup in current?
  • 34:10 The Bagley baits that are great for fishing in river current
  • 39:34 Drifting with the current

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