One of the best things an angler can be is versatile, but what exactly does that mean? Versatile doesn’t have to mean 20 different rods thrown on the front of your boat. Being a versatile angler is more about knowing when to make changes, and feeling comfortable in a variety of techniques to be comfortable with making the changes necessary to get more bites. In this seminar, Drew Benton talks about his thoughts on how to become a more versatile angler. Benton highlights the importance of knowing multiple techniques, and how to best learn those techniques. 

While being able to use different lures is important, there is also a mental aspect to fishing that is often overlooked. Benton discussed how to approach the mental aspect of fishing, especially when it comes to tough days on the water when changes need to be made. 

  • 0:40 How To Become A More Versatile Angler
  • 11:20 How To Approach The Mental Aspect Of Fishing
  • 13:20 Importance Of Fishing Different Bodies Of Water
  • 17:20 Never Stop Learning
  • 20:50 Tips For Becoming A Professional Angler
  • 23:35 Best Techniques To Become Well-Rounded
  • 26:00 How To Balance Fishing vs. Electronics In Practice
  • 28:30 Should You Fish Memories Or Search For New Fish?
  • 30:00 When You Should Be Stubborn Instead Of Versatile

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