Alex Davis sits down to talk to The Bass University about fishing brush piles, primarily in the Spring. What depths of brush piles should you target at different times of the year? Do you need to plant your own brush piles? How can you find brush piles on your sonar electronics? How do you know if it's a good brush pile (does it have fish on it)? Alex addresses these and other common questions in this bass fishing video interview.

  • 0:45 Fishing brush piles
  • 1:50 How does brush play into prespawn bass fishing?
  • 2:42 How do you find brush piles with electronics?
  • 6:04 Brush piles for different seasons
  • 6:46 Do you need to drop brush piles?
  • 9:28 Where to look for brush after the spawn
  • 11:05 What indicates a good brush pile on electronics?
  • 12:09 Using Aqua-Vu underwater cameras
  • 13:27 Triggering strikes at the right time of day
  • 14:18 Using Humminbird 360 & MEGA Live

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