One of the most successful bass fishermen of all time, Bryan Thrift, was in Ohio back in 2015, where he taught a bass fishing class seminar on one of our most requested topics: how to skip baits. Lots of anglers know that bass like to live in the hard-to-reach places, and things like fishing pressure can make it even more important to get your bait in places that fish are not used to seeing lures. Lots of anglers opt for fishing easy-to-skip baits like a senko. In this seminar, Bryan Thrift will take you through the process of becoming a better caster, learning how to skip with minimum frustration and working your way up to skipping more difficult lures, like Pop-Rs.

  • 0:08 You can skip baits other than a senko and a jig
  • 0:46 The most crucial component for successfully skipping a bait
  • 1:55 Getting started, practicing and mastering the technique of skipping baits and the tackle Bryan Thrift uses (rod & line)
  • 5:54 Great bait for getting started practicing skipping a bait Damiki Mamba 2 Casting Jig & Damiki Knock Out Creature Bait
  • 7:39 Reel settings for a beginner who's just getting started skipping a bait
  • 9:00 Getting started with the technique (amount of line you want out, the motion, getting the bait to skip, importance of following through on your cast, etc)
  • 11:52 Baits and trailers for skipping a jig
  • 16:18 Colors for jig fishing
  • 16:48 Questions on the mechanics of the cast (feathering/thumbing the reel, trimming the weed guard, threading trailers on a jig, etc.)
  • 21:17 Tricks for getting a buzzbait to skip
  • 25:21 Best areas to skip lures under, and times of year to target them there
  • 35:24 Hooksets and landing fish when the bait is skipped under something like a dock
  • 39:49 What kind of hook does Bryan Thrift like for wacky rigging a Damiki Stinger Soft Stick Worm
  • 40:51 Should you only fish docks when it's sunny?

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