Cutting Edge Smallmouth Tactics - John Murray

Cutting Edge Smallmouth Tactics - John Murray

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West Coast Bassmaster Elite Series Pro angler John Murray discusses catching big smallmouth. On some bodies of water, they're the most fun to catch, and in a tournament situation on those bodies of water, the best chance you have at winning. John talks about the specifics of his favorite baits and techniques for catching smallmouth, including: dropshot, jerkbaits, spybaits, neko rig and carolina rig.

John answers a lot of questions about the difference between largemouth and smallmouth:

  • What are the differences in lure selection?
  • What are the differences in retrieve and lure presentation?
  • What's John Murray's secret color formula triggering smallmouth to bite, does it differ from the match-the-hatch technique so often used in largemouth fishing?
  • How to I land big aggressive smallies, particularly when using finesse techniques with light line and light wire hooks?

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