High Speed Cranking Main Topics

  • 0:50 Crankbait techniques 
  • 1:35 Why high gear ratio?
  • 12:50 Line selection for cranking
  • 14:40 Rod selection for cranking
  • 16:40 Rod lengths
  • 29:25 Hooks & split rings for high speed cranking
  • 32:05 Crankbait customization

Bassmaster Angler-of-the-Year Aaron Martens joins The Bass University to talk about cranking with high speed reels. When Aaron was just getting started in fishing, a 5:1 gear ratio was considered fast, then there were 6.3:1 reels and it took a while to get into 7:1 and now 8.5:1 reels. Aaron talks about the virtues of the Shimano Metanium MGL Casting Reel but 8.5:1 is also available in the Shimano Curado 200K Casting Reels, which won the iCast 2017 best freshwater reel award. In the past, the resistence from crankbaits could tire out an angler fishing a higher speed reel, additionally, hooking a big fish would often result in lacking the power to get the fish in. Aaron talks about what has changes and why he's fishing exclusively 7.4:1 (which Martens refers to as slow) and faster baitcasting reels.

Aaron Martens also talks about the other aspects of high speed crankbait fishing. The size and type of fishing line is a primary consideration for most anglers when discussing crankbait fishing, and Aaron weighs in on his thoughts about Sunline Fishing Line from mono to braid. Another consideration is the bend on the rod. Martens talks about when he uses a softer parabolic bending rod and when he'll use a stiffer rod with more backbone. Martens also shares when he uses fishing rods ranging from 6.5ft to 7.5ft for fishing crankbaits.

With all of your equipment and tackle selected, Martens talks about optimizing your casting, where you want your brake and precision adjustment settings for maximum distance without backlash or other reel issues.

If you're ready to step up your crankbait bass fishing to top gear, be sure to check out this great instructional video on high speed cranking with top tournament B.A.S.S. angler Aaron Martens.

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