We've all been there, you've got a bass fishing tournament coming up and the conditions are awful with no signs of improving, the lake has been beat up, and you're not sure you can even get five bites. In this bass fishing video class seminar, Bassmaster angler Jake Whitaker talks about grinding out a good finish in a tough tournament, specifically in the winter & summer or in muddy water conditions. Learn from Jake as he shares some ways to prepare for these types of tournaments, along with his winter, summer and muddy water confidence baits.

  • 0:37 Mentally preparing for a grinder-style tournament. Be aware of what you're getting into
  • 4:07 Be technically prepared to execute and succeed
  • 12:24 Accounting for the moon phase and feeding schedules
  • 15:40 Hot & highly pressured summer bass fishing tournaments
  • 25:34 Jake Whitaker's confidence baits when it's hot
  • 32:16 Cold weather bass fishing tournament preparation
  • 41:31 Jake Whitaker's cold water confidence baits
  • 46:46 Muddy water conditions in cold and hot water
  • 49:55 Start with the frog or the wacky rig on overhangs?
  • 51:54 Difference between North and South
  • 54:25 Best got-to bait for smallmouth in tough conditions
  • 55:53 Frog modifications to get that extra bite on a tough day

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