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Summer Swim Jig On-Water Primer - Iaconelli


Bassmaster Elite Series bass fishing tournament champion Mike "Ike" Iaconelli talks about one of his favorite lures for catching post-spawn and summer bass, the swim jig. Mike used a swim jig to win a Federation National tournament early in his career, 1998, on the Red River. Mike loves fishing swim jigs for a few of reasons:

  1. You can fish it quickly and cover a lot of water
  2. It's weedless
  3. Subtle way to get bass to react to the bait

In this bass fishing instruction video, Iaconelli will teach you how to select the right jig, trailer, rod and reel, modifying the jig, and rigging the trailer.  Ike then demonstrate how to fish the swim jig to catch a lot of late-spring, summer and early-fall bass!

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