In this on-the-water video from the Bass University Valut, which was remastered in 2021, Mike Iaconelli talks about a different way to fish a Texas rig. With a speed worm (aka swim worm), you can use a paddle tail or cut paddle tail worm to get buzzing action on the top, or a strong swimming action sub-surface, even at slow speeds. Watch as Ike talks about the make-up of a good swim worm and shares tips on ways to rig and fish a speed worm on the surface and under the water.

  • 0:07 What's the nice thing about the swim worm / speed worm?
  • 0:29 The Subwoofer appearst to no longer be available from Berkley, the closest product available is the Zoom Ultravibe Speed Worm
  • 1:44 Demonstration of fishing a swim worm or speed worm different ways to trigger bass bites
  • 5:03 Best seasons for fishing a swim worm and the absolute best time to fish a speed worm
  • 6:17 Best swim worm colors
  • 6:55 Selecting the right weight for speed worming
  • 7:21 Tackle for fishing speed worms
  • 9:00 The anatomy of a speed worm and making a swim worm from a paddle tail like a Zoom Speed Worm
  • 10:05 Hook for speed worm fishing and rigging a swim worm
  • 11:05 Weights and bobber stops

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