In this remastered bass fishing class seminar, George Cochran was recently-retired and ready to share all the fish-catching secrets. George is begins by talking about the tackle that he uses for fishing wacky worms, and he shares that it's not exactly conventional by today's fishing standards. This seminar focuses mainly on Spring-Autumn, and George says he fishes some variation of a wacky rig through all these seasons. Learn what changes Cochran makes throughout the year, what worm brands/colors he likes and some tips of selecting a waky rig hook.

  • 0:55 I'm retired, I have no sponsors, and here come the secrets
  • 1:53 Wacky worm fishing in the summer
  • 2:42 George Cochran's fishing history
  • 4:21 The biggest issue George Cochran saw with why some of his co-anglers did not catch fish
  • 7:33 George Cochran's tackle for wacky worm fishing
  • 10:13 Why hook color is important
  • 14:39 George Cochran's favorite colors
  • 17:33 Selecting the right rod length for comfortable casting
  • 18:14 Where to wacky worm fish, how to rig the worm, and how to fish it
  • 22:57 George's favorite cloudy day worm for shallow water
  • 28:20 Fishing a wacky worm in the heat of the summer
  • 32:42 When the water really starts to warm up
  • 35:28 Other soft plastics to fish on a wacky rig
  • 38:29 Finding bass to catch with a wacky worm

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