In this remastered bass fishing video, George Cochran is recently retired and spilling the beans on the baits that he has confidence in. Sponsors aside, these are the baits, rods & line that George Cochran would buy from the store because they catch fish. Lots of companies make good baits, and they may catch fish, but this video talks mostly about the crankbaits that George Cochran has confidence in. For those who don't know, George won 2 Bassmaster Classic championships and 1 Forrest Wood Cup championship.

  • 0:15 George Cochran is going to make it simple and tell you the best lures to buy to catch bass
  • 1:15 Size of crankbait : tournament fisherman vs weekend angler
  • 1:57 Small and shallow-running crankbaits
  • 10:04 Bigger squarebill crankbaits and picking apart wood cover
  • 14:13 Irritating bass into biting & getting the most out of a single piece of cover
  • 22:30 Bigger crankbaits for bigger bass & crankbaits that hunt
  • 29:01 How to fish a squarebill crankbait for bass
  • 29:57 George Cochran used to fish spinnerbaits everywhere, now he fishes another skirted bait
  • 34:08 The best winter cold water bass fishing crankbait
  • 38:32 Fishing line for crankbaits
  • 41:18 George Cochran likes to fish for the stupid fish in shallow water
  • 43:34 Rattle crankabits vs "silent" crankbaits
  • 44:37 Fishing knots and drag
  • 45:16 Deeper crankbaits like the Norman Deep Little N Crankbait
  • 48:04 The deepest crankbaits George Cochran fishes...sometimes
  • 49:48 Changing factory hooks on crankbaits
  • 50:41 Always be doing something with your bait
  • 51:52 George Cochran's secret crankbait colors

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