MLF Bass Pro Tour angler Jeff Kriet is one of our most popular instructors at the Bass University. His video classes on fishing a floating worm and winning winter fishing tournaments are some of our most popular releases from 2018. In this 54-minute video class, recorded in Tulsa in January, 2019, "The Squirrel" discusses strategies for competing tournament formats. Jeff Kriet is fishing the inaugural season of the MLF Bass Pro Tour, where every fish over 1lb counts. The potential winning strategies can vary significantly from a traditional "biggest 5 fish limit" format. In this bass fishing instructional video, Jeff Kriet will discuss:

  • 0:30 Excitement about the new MLF Bass Pro Tour tournament format. Jeff loves to catch fish, sure he loves to catch big fish too, but his strengths are finding fish and generating bites. Some tournaments you catch a 17lb. limit 4 times over, but lose to a guy that got 5 or six bites.
  • 6:31 How MLF's tournament format has changed the way that Jeff fishes. With the MLF format, you have to be prepared for anything and prepared to cover water. Will you be fishing for smallmouth, spotted bass or largemouth? Will the water be clear or dirty?
  • 20:57 When is it time to leave an area? Do I need to work an area thoroughly to catch the biggest fish in the school? 
  • 26:11 Baits that Jeff Kriet likes for fishing MLF-style bass fishing tournaments
  • 37:45 Emergency plays. What to do when the going gets tough and you need a bass to make the cut.
  • 38:58 Questions from Bass University students, including: do you use an o-ring on neko/wacky rigs? What guys will be good in the MLF tournament format?
  • 50:15 Solunar tables

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