Mark Zona's Sneakiest Soft Plastic Finesse Rig


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Mark Zona's Sneakiest Soft Plastic Finesse Rig


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In 2018 one of Mark Zona's beloved friends shared his Braided Line Treble Hook Trick on The Bass University TV. In turn, Mark has chosen to share one of his friend's secret rigs for catching bass, and it's an alternative to the Ned rig, perhaps even the Neko rig. Mark Zona declares that this will he the stone cold BEST TIP of 2019 of the week. If ned rigging just isn't your style, you're going to want to check out this nasty bass-catching rig. The best part, this rig will come through absolutely anything, even better than a traditional Texas rig worm! Find out where Mark Zona learned about this rig and start catching bass with it!

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