For the first time presenting with The Bass University, Zona's Awesome Fishing Show host Mark Zona was in Kokomo, Indiana to talk about fishing docks differently. Mark Zona is an experienced bass angler, Bassmaster sportscaster/commentator/emcee and entertaining fishing show host. He's all about learning and consuming any information he can that will help him catch more bass, and he wants to share some of the dock fishing information he's gathered, from years of exerpience and from talking with Bassmaste Elite Series anglers. Mark loves to fish docks, it's how he got started fishing tournaments, when he was 9 years old.

Main Dock Fishing Topics

  • 2:20 Alternative approach to dock fishing
  • 7:50 Go-to dock baits - stick worm
  • 10:05 Go-to dock baits - jig
  • 18:45 What type of docks to look for
  • 21:45 Isolated docks
  • 23:45 Shallow clear water 
  • 24:35 Docks with blown vegetation
  • 25:25 Docks that are a pain to fish
  • 27:45 When to go to the docks
  • 31:35 Alternative dock fishing baits
Mark Zona's Go-To Dock Fishing Baits
  • Strike King KVD Perfect Plastic Ocho Soft Plastic Stickbait - Find out what makes this such a stealthy tactic for targeting bass under and around docks. What time of year is great for fishing this bait.
  • Strike King Denny Brauer Structure Jig - Firstly, you'll learn how to make this jig skip like a stone with a baitcaster. What trailer he recommends, and how threading the trailer to maximize skipping distance. Rod selection is also very important, find out what key element you attribute you need in a jig skipping fishing rod. Learn what rod length is best for accuracy when skipping baits under docks with a baitcast reel.
  • Strike King Rage Swimmer Swimbait - Zona shares the sick-nastiest rigging technique for catching bass under and around docks when fishing this swimbait. 
  • Strike King KVD Sexy Frog - Find out when Mark uses this bait to elicit big bass strikes around docks.
What Type of Docks to Look For

It is Mark Zona's belief that the worst-looking docks at the best ones to fish. He talks about some other tips for selecting the best docks to catch big fish. Watch this video to also learn about water depth, most productive docks, problematic docks to fish and the intelligence of bass that live under out-of-the-way docks. Perhaps some of the most important information you will learn is the extensive research Zona has done on how sensitive bass are to noises like hitting the pontoon with your bait or bumping the dock with your boat.

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