Professional bass fishing tournament angler Scott Suggs wants an "idiot proof" bait, you take it out of the package, your fire it out, wind it in, and if you don't catch fish, you essentially have the wrong spot, the wrong color or the wrong season. With the wake bait, Scott Suggs thinks he's got the right lure. To ensure your success with the wake bait, check out this video to learn the following valuable information to help you catch bass.

Links to Key Topics in this Wakebait Bass Fishing Class

  • 3:40 Research before you go
  • 11:15 Where to throw a wakebait
  • 18:05 Presentation
  • 21:10 Wakebait choices 
  • 23:40 Wakebait color choices
  • 27:00 Tackle/gear setup
  • 32:20 Questions and answers

What will I Learn in This Wakebait Fishing Class?

  • Research you need to do before going to the water - type of bass, contour map study, type of structure and cover available in the lake, etc.
  • Areas to key in on for spotted bass, smallmouth bass and largemouth
  • Where to throw and how to fish a wake bait in the pre-spawn, spawn and post-spawn
  • Fishing rod, reel & line choices
  • Color selections for different species of bass

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