Swimbait fishing doesn’t always have to require the biggest baits and the heaviest rods. While many anglers prefer to throw those larger profile baits, swimbaits of all sizes can help you catch more bass on the water. In this seminar, Scott Suggs breaks down how he uses paddle-tail swimbaits throughout the year. Swimbaits gained popularity in California for targeting large fish, and have become increasingly popular around the rest of the country – especially during the winter – for their ability to mimic various baitfish. Suggs, however, opts for small offerings – typically under five inches. The cover he’s fishing will dictate just how the bait is rigged. When fishing open water, a simple ball-head jig with an exposed hook is plenty, but when fishing around heavy brush, Suggs will use the same head, but with a weed guard to help prevent snags. Fishing around grass, however, presents a different challenge. Both the exposed hook and the weed guard will cause the grass to get hung up on the bait, this is where Suggs will opt for a belly-weighted swimbait hook to allow the bait to come through the grass without getting snagged. In terms of gear, Suggs typically opts for a 7’ medium-heavy rod with a 6.8:1 reel and fluorocarbon line of no more than 15lbs, but he admits that conditions and preference heavily dictate your setup. In addition to all of these tips, Suggs also dives into how to fish swimbaits in the pre- and post-spawn, how to fish around Blueback Herring, and the many different ways you can present the bait to help you catch more fish. 

  • 6:40 Different Types Of Swimbaits
  • 8:50 Picking The Right Swimbait Color
  • 11:10 Fishing Swimbaits In The Winter
  • 12:25 Gear Selection For Swimbait Fishing
  • 15:25 How Fish Act In Cold Water
  • 16:40 Fishing Swimbaits In The Pre-Spawn
  • 19:25 Fishing Swimbaits in The Post-Spawn
  • 20:45 Tips For Fishing Around Blueback Herring
  • 24:30 On The Water Swimbait Fishing With Scott Suggs

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