Veteran professional angler Brandon Coulter has teamed up with Bass University to provide invaluable insights into mastering various topwater lure styles.

During his seminar, Coulter delves into his top three preferred topwater techniques that consistently yield success throughout the year: wake baits, walking-style top waters, and poppers. While these methods have a longstanding presence in fishing, Coulter unveils innovative strategies to enhance their effectiveness, ultimately elevating your skills as an angler.

Coulter meticulously details the essential equipment required for optimal performance, emphasizing the significance of rod and reel setups in achieving superior casting and efficiency, particularly in executing his popper technique. Furthermore, he progresses through the seasons, pinpointing the ideal times for each topwater technique to thrive.

For those eager to explore a combination of old and new school yet highly effective tricks and techniques in the realm of topwater bass fishing, Brandon Coulter's seminar at Bass University is an invaluable resource. As a viewer, you'll gain exclusive insights from a seasoned Major League Fishing BPT angler who could revolutionize your approach to bass fishing.

Top 3 Topwater Bass Fishing Techniques Chapters

  • 0:13: Topwater Fishing Class Introduction
  • 1:30: Wake it, Walk it, Pop it
  • 4:30: Topwater Equipment 
  • 16:05: Modifications 
  • 27:35: Topwater Seasons
  • 44:40: Brandon Coulter's Topwater Bass Fishing Class Recap

In This Class Coulter Answers These Topwater Bass Fishing Questions

  • What are Brandon Coulter's top three preferred topwater techniques?
  • How does Coulter enhance the effectiveness of traditional topwater methods?
  • What essential equipment does Coulter utilize for optimal topwater performance?
  • What innovative strategies does Coulter employ for using wake baits, walking-style topwaters, and poppers?
  • How does Coulter navigate through different seasons, and when does he recommend using each topwater technique?


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