Bass Pro Tour Angler Brandon Coulter joins Bass University on the water to discuss the importance of scent in fishing.

Brandon delves into various scent types, emphasizing that not all scents are created equal. He highlights how different scents suit specific fishing situations, shedding light on their varying effectiveness. Brandon breaks down when and why he uses different variations of scent. During the session, Brandon demonstrates the advantages of using scent while flipping matted vegetation with a Berkley Powerbait Chigger Craw. This showcases how scent can significantly enhance success when fishing in dense cover and having fish hold on longer.

For those uncertain about which scent works best in different fishing scenarios, Brandon's on-the-water class provides valuable insights. Tune in to learn from the expertise of MLF pro-Brandon Coulter.

Why & When Is Scent Important in Bass Fishing Chapters

  • 0:14: Three Categories of Scent
  • 10:00: Punching Mats with Powerbait
  • 23:00: Depth and Rate of Fall
  • 25:55: Scouting Matted Grass for Success in Spring
  • 28:50: Fishing with Scent Recap 

Common Questions About Scents That Are Covered in This Class

  • Why is scent important in bass fishing?
  • What are the different types of fishing scents?
  • How does the effectiveness of scent vary in different fishing situations?
  • When and why does Brandon Coulter use different variations of scent?
  • What advantages does scent offer when flipping matted vegetation?
  • How does scent enhance success when fishing in dense cover?
  • Why do fish hold on to scented baits longer?
  • What are Brandon Coulter's three main categories of scent?
  • How does Brandon approach punching mats with Powerbait?
  • How do you scout matted grass for success in the spring?

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