MLF Bass Pro Tour angler Brandon Coulter joined Pete Gluszek and Pat Renwick live at the 2019 Bassmaster Classic for some questions and answers from Bass University subscribers.

  • 5:43 Fishing rising water on the Tennessee River (the conditions of the 2019 Bassmaster Classic)
  • 9:11 (2) of the most laid back anglers in professional bass fishing
  • 13:25 Pete Gluszeks' tip for analyzing your tournament results to determine how to practice and approach future tournaments
  • 21:05 Can one spot hold up on the Tennessee River thoughout the tournament?
  • 24:44 Will there be a lot of MLF guys fishing Opens this year trying to qualify for the Classic in 2020?
  • 27:17 Brandon Coulter on his first experience fishing Major League Fishing format tournaments

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