The fall transition is a time of year that proves to be difficult for many anglers. Bass are starting to migrate back into creeks chasing smaller baitfish, which opens the door for downsizing your lures. In this seminar, Brandon Coulter explains his lure selection for targeting fall-time bass. Coulter walks through his crankbait setups, and reveals a lot of his tips and tricks for using smaller spinnerbaits around the grass. 

  • 1:00 Spinnerbait Setup
  • 2:45 Lipless Crankbait Setup
  • 5:30 Crankbait Setups
  • 11:50 Spinnerbait Tips
  • 13:20 Different Setups For Same Bait
  • 16:05 Key To Downsized Lineup
  • 18:50 Why All The Baits Are Important
  • 20:25 Fishing Spinnerbaits Around Grass
  • 31:00 Lipless Crankbaits On Grass Edges
  • 42:40 Missed Strikes
  • 52:15 Choosing Spinnerbait Blade Size
  • 54:30 Fishing Behind People

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