Major League Fishing Pro Brandon Coulter, a seasoned angler renowned for his consistent performance, shares his expertise in crankbait fishing year-round through this seminar with Bass University. He breaks down his strategies by season, offering insights on gear selection, bait preferences, and fishing techniques. Coulter emphasizes the importance of adapting to seasonal variations, understanding rod tonnage, and making cost-effective choices. His seminar promises to equip anglers with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in crankbait fishing across all seasons.

If you want to be proficient in throwing any type of crankbait throughout the seasons, be sure to watch this bass fishing seminar with Bass University and BPT Angler Brandon Coulter.

Brandon Coulters Cranking Class Chapters

  • 0:17: Introduction
  • 3:00: Cranking Overview
  • 6:30: Winter Strategies
  • 29:10: Spring Strategies
  • 43:30: Summertime Strategies
  • 50:17: Fall Strategies
  • 55:15: Cranking Questions & Answers

Seasonal Cranking Class Summary

  • Explore Brandon Coulter's mastery in crankbait fishing throughout the year
  • Discover season-specific strategies for successful angling
  • Learn about preferred gear selections tailored to each season
  • Gain insights into bait color and size preferences for optimal results
  • Understand the role of rod tonnage in enhancing cranking techniques
  • Uncover cost-saving tips for efficient fishing practices
  • Delve into techniques for reducing line twist and maintaining optimal speed
  • Appreciate the significance of adapting to environmental factors like water clarity and temperature
  • Embrace the versatility of crankbait fishing across various fishing locations and conditions
  • Elevate your cranking skills with Brandon Coulter's expert guidance

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