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BASS Elite Series Angler of the Year tournament champion Seth Feider joins Mike Iaconelli and Pete Gluszek in this installment of Bass University TV Live. Covered in this nearly 3 hour show:

Part 1 - Fall Bass Fishing

Mike and Pete talk in-depth and answer PRO subscriber questions about Fall fishing techniques.

Part 2 - Big Smallmouth Bass on Swimbaits

Seth Feider Skypes into the live show to answer viewer questions and further discusses his classes on Swimbaits for Big Smallmouth. On days when everyone is catching loads of smallies, Seth often employs the swimbait to target the biggest smallmouth out of the school. Seth goes into further detail about how he catches big smallmouth.

  • Soft and hard swimbait selection (sizes and colors) The hook shown in this segment is the VMC Ike Approved Neko Hook
  • Preferred jigheads and hooks
  • lines selection - line type, lb. test and leader lengths

Part 3 - Iaconelli's Japan Fishing Tackle

Lastly, show & tell and prize pack giveaways with Mike and Pete. Mike talks about tackle that he collected in his journey through Japan with Morizo Shimizu, targeting baits and techniques not common in the states, including:

  • Punch shotting - It's like a combination of punching and dropshotting with a heavier weight on a short leader or directly attached to the hook, usually with a swivel
  • Neko rig - The Japanese continue to refine this technique, hear the latest on tackle developments for the neko rig
  • Swimbaits - Mike does a quick overview of the latest hard and soft swimbaits
  • Jigs - Unique styles, including: a monster 1/2 oz. jig, bladed jigs
  • and more!

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