Dive into the world of bass fishing as we hit the water with Bassmaster Elite Series Champion, Lee Livesay, in this exclusive on-the-water class at Bass University. Lee is here to guide you through the art of Power Fishing for Shallow Smallmouth.

Listen as Lee shares insights into his go-to baits for power-fishing shallow smallmouth and breaks down the essential choices for rods, reels, and fishing lines. Discover the secrets that help him bring those elusive smallmouth into the boat.

Watch as Lee takes command at the console of his boat, using advanced technology like Hummingbird electronics with Lake Master mapping to pinpoint the crucial flats where smallmouth thrive.

Learn the importance of speed in covering water efficiently and get tips on staying alert, keeping your eyes peeled for those subtle cues that reveal how smallmouth bass relate to their surroundings.

Don't miss this opportunity to learn Bassmaster Elite Series Champion Lee Livesay and The Bass University as they unravel the intricacies of power fishing for smallmouth bass. Get ready for an immersive learning experience on the water!

How to Power Fish for Smallmouth Bass On Water Class Chapters

  • 1:36: Shallow Smallmouth Setups
  • 3:42: Humminbird Lakemaster Mapping
  • 5:08: Covering Shallow Flats
  • 17:55: Three Key Ingredients 

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