Bobby Lane is here to help you decide when to fish straight tail worms (or worms with very subtle action) vs curly tail/ribbon tails (which have a lot of action). Bobby shares a simple approach to tackle for these techniques, one baitcaster setup and one spinning setup. Lane then dives into a seasonal approach to selecting your soft plastic worms, from Winter through Spring & Summer and into Fall. In this bass fishing class seminar, you'll learn about the importance of scent, color selection and Bobby's favorite rigging techniques. Finally, Bobby Lane answers student questions about smallmouth, pegging weights, southern brush piles, o-rings on wacky rigs and more.  Interested in fishing soft plastic worms like Bobby Lane?

  • 0:32 So many different types of soft plastic worms
  • 2:09 Bobby Lane shares his history of bass fishing tournament success with plastic worms
  • 3:07 Simple tackle setup for fishing worms
  • 6:04 Different baits catch bass at different times and different places, it pays to have a variety
  • 7:20 Straight tail worms for cold water
    • 7:45 When and how to fish a Berkley Powerbait Maxscent D-Worm
    • 9:50 Berkley Powerbait Fatty Bottom Hopper Worm
    • 10:41 Rigging and fishing a Berkley Powerbait Maxscent The General Worm
    • 14:55 Rigging smaller Berkley Bottom Hopper and when it shines
  • 19:46 Warming water and worms for Spring
    • 20:12 Conditions for fishing the Berkley Powerbait Maxscent Kingtail Worm or 10" Power Worm over a straight tail worm
    • 25:22 A story about the importance of scent in soft plastics
  • 29:03 Autumn/Fall soft plastics
  • 30:19 Weights, hooks & line for bigger worms
  • 36:03 Soft plastic colors
  • 39:37 When to peg worm weights
  • 41:15 The best hook for wacky rigging
  • 42:55 Specific question about fishing brush post spawn on a Southern impoundment with worms
  • 44:48 Worms and rigging for Northern smallmouth bass
  • 46:44 Fishing with O-Ring
  • 48:33 Worms on a Tokyo rig

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