Lots of anglers are now depending on their electronics to locate bass. While electronics are a piece of the puzzle, Bassmaster Elite Series angler John Crews prefers to find his bass with a rod and reel, cranking high percentage areas. John likes to seek and destroy with both shallow and deep running crankbaits. In this bass fishing class seminar video, John Crews will  share the equipment he likes to use to fish for bass with a crankbait, the baits he likes to throw in shallow and deep water, what areas he looks for to hold bass, and a host of tips of keeping bass hooked with trebles and generating bites. Watch this completely digitally remastered video class to learn more about being a good seek and destroy crankbait bass fisherman.

  • 0:24 Crankbaits do 2 things very well
  • 1:39 Tackle for shallow cranking, including the Cashion 7' Med Hvy Squarebill Cranking Rod, speed of reel, type and lb. test of line, baits like Spro John Crews Baby Fat John 50 and round bend vs EWG trable hooks
  • 13:50 What are you looking for when seeking and destroying with crankabits? 
  • 29:39 Deep cranking baits like the Spro John Crews Little John XL 70 Crankbait
  • 37:51 Closing tips for crankbait fishing

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