John Crews joins The Bass University in Kokomo, Indiana to talk about super deep diving crankbaits. Super deep cranking (reaching 17ft+) is a relatively new technique, thanks to baits like the Strike King 10XD Crankbait, designed by Phil Marks, who won some serious cash with it on Sam Rayburn back in 2012.

Skip ahead to these topics, covered in this bass fishing instructional class

  • 3:15 History of super deep cranking
  • 4:30 Deep vs super deep
  • 6:15 What is super deep cranking?
  • 13:20 Gear for deep cranking
  • 17:45 When to super deep crank
  • 20:50 Where to throw
  • 23:15 How to identify key areas
  • 28:40 Why do bass prefer hard bottom
  • 30:55 How to fish a super deep diving crankbait
  • 44:10 Main colors

In this 50-minute bass fishing video, John Crews will talk about:

  • What is strolling? Why is strolling a pain? How does conventional super deep cranking differ from strolling (long-lining)?
  • Deep diving vs. super deep diving. John will talk about depth ranges and compare some of the models from different noteworthy brands.
  • Why design the Spro John Crews Little John Super DD Crankbait if the Strike King 10XD already gets super deep, catches big bass and wins a big money tournament?
  • Gear (rod, reel, hooks & line) recommendations for super deep diving crankbaits
  • When to throw a super deep crankbait, including the season and some target depth and conditions to look for
  • Where to throw this bait, including some sonar images of what the bass look like positioned over hard bottom. John also talks about what they don't look like and talks about what crappie and Asian carp look like on the graph.
  • How to fish a super deep crankbait to generate strikes and not wear yourself out in 30 minutes
  • Detecting a bite with crankbaits like the Little John Super DD
  • John Crew's favoite colors for super deep diving crankbaits

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