Bassmaster Elite Series bass fishing tournament angler John Crews is talking about crankbait fishing in a crowd. In this 53-minute instructional video, you will learn secrets from professional fisherman John Crews about:

  • Cranking Equipment - including Cashion Rods, reels, line, lures & hooks. Johnny talks about why the bend of the crankbait rod is important to catching more bass, what speed reel he uses and why, what characteristics are important in choosing fluorocarbon line, when to use round bend and when to use EWG hooks, what to consider when changing hooks and more!
  • How to Get Bites When Fishing Crankbaits - This is where John will share the subtle secrets of outpacing the crowd when fishing around other anglers. What roles to time of day, crankbait vibration, retrieve and line diameter play in generating strikes? More than you might think, and John has even more topics to discuss as it relates to catching more bass.
  • Deep Cranking - What's different and what's the same?

John Crews loves to fish crankbaits, if you want to learn more from him on this topic, check out these other cranking seminars from John Crews: Seek and Destroy CrankbaitsShallow Cranking & Deep Diving Crankbaits.

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