Seek and Destroy Crankbaits - John Crews

Seek and Destroy Crankbaits - John Crews


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Bass Elite Series Angler and successful bait company founder John Crews discusses locating and catching bass with a crankbait. This seminar cover in-depth education for catching bass both shallow and deep cranking. John answers the following pressing questions about fishing with a crankbait:

  • When should I be using round bend or extra wide gap hooks?
  • Where should I be targeting bass, based on water conditions, current and season?
  • What equipment should I be using when crankbait fishing (rods, reels, line, hooks and baits)?
  • What part does color, vibration, depth, retrieve, etc. play in locating and catching bass?
  • Why am I getting strikes, but not landing the fish?
  • How much does John rely on electronics when seek and destroy crankbait fishing?

John Crews shares pro tips and tactics he employs in tournament bass fishing; techniques and secrets he's learned form thousands of hours of research. John also answers questions from the audience that will help you become a more successful crankbait fisherman.

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Priceless, it has helped me catch more fish on the water and improved my tournament fishing.
- Steven C