Missile Baits owner John Crews just won the Bassmaster Elite Series toournament on the St. Johns River in Florida. This bass fishing class seminar video was recorded right before that event. In this class, John Crews discusses the main types of non-bladed & skirted jigs. So, essentially rubber or silicone skirted flipping, swim, football & micro jigs. John talks about the makeup of each jig type, the tackle he uses to fish them and where he fishes them. Since each is designed differently: head shape, skirt materials, hook size, weight, etc., they are intended to be fished in different situations. As John points out, you only cast a football jig into brush if you want to lose a football jig. Learn what each jig type is used for, what trailers to pair them with and how to fish them. If you don't have confidence in fishing a jig, or are new to fishing a jig or jig type, this is a great video to introduce you to a great bass-catcher and hopefully help you build confidence in this bait.

  • 0:19 The right jig for the job
  • 0:52 The history of bass jigs, where did bass fishing jigs come from?
  • 2:46 Jigs for every situation (there are all kinds of jigs, which ones are we talking about?)
  • 4:13 Flipping jigs - design, tackle, trailers, when to fish with it & how to fish it
  • 12:40 Swim jigs - design, tackle, when to fish it & 2 ways to fish it (Northern & Alabama shake)
  • 27:53 Football jigs - design, trailers, how to fish football jigs and where to fish them (and where not to fish them, unless you want to get hung up)
  • 31:30 Micro jigs - Why to fish a tiny jig, tackle
  • 37:43 Super secret jig fishing tips
  • 47:39 Do you ever use straight braid for flipping jigs?
  • 48:26 Pork trailers and rate of fall
  • 49:40 Fall rates
  • 50:59 Trailers for micro jigs
  • 52:09 Styles & colors of jigs to build confidence
  • 53:20 Forward-facing sonar and jig fishing
  • 54:26 Why make a mini swim jig?
  • 55:27 How to fish a swim jig around different cover
  • 57:00 Other questions

Here is the Swim jig bass fishing class Pete mentioned at the end of this class.

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