In this bass fishing video, FLW bass fishing pro John Cox is sharing some secrets for success when fishing a swim jig. He shares what he thinks are: the best jig for swimming, the best trailer for swim jigs, the best 3 colors of jigs (and the trailer colors to go with them). After discussing swim jig fishing tackle, John goes on the water to demonstrate the technique. Learn how to fish a swim jig around laydowns, docks and other shallow cover. You'll also learn: the best reel settings, secret tips for fishing different water depths and riprap, making sure you get the right hookset, and more!

  • 0:16 John's going to teach you the secrets to swimming a jig
  • 0:33 John Cox's first swimming jig - Dirty Jigs No-Jack Swim Jig
  • 0:53 Best rod specs, reel gear ratio and line for swimming a jig
  • 2:04 Heavy and lighter wire hook gauge considerations
  • 3:30 When to fish fluorocarbon on a swim jig
  • 3:57 Knot John Cox uses to tie on a swim jig
  • 5:07 Changing rate of fall by changing sizes vs changing retrieve
  • 5:37 The best chunk to fish on a swim jig
  • 7:02 John Cox's favorite colors (jigs and trailers) for fishing a swim jig
  • 11:29 Does John Cox do any lure modification to his jigs?
  • 11:56 Swim jig fishing video demonstration
    • 12:12 How to fish laydowns with a swim jig
    • 15:52 Another great swim jig fishing technique
    • 17:30 Reel settings for this technique
    • 18:41 The swim jig is one of the best baits for catching big bass
    • 19:15 Secret riprap jig fishing tip for early spring
    • 21:30 Getting into the rhythm
    • 23:00 drag setting for fishing this technique
    • 23:51 Hooksetting tip for catching more bass on a swim jig
    • 24:50 What to do when you make a bad cast
    • 25:53 Versatility of fishing a swim jig

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