John Cox loves sight fishing! In fact, he says it's his favorite part of bass fishing. In this bass fishing class seminar video, John Cox talks about the entire season for sight fishing, which is more than just when fish are locked on beds. Cox talks about the 3 stages of sight fishing and the window when bass are guarding fry. Learn the 5 bait/tackle setups that John uses to catch bass in various conditions: open water cruisers, bass on beds in sparse cover or open water, bass on beds in more dense cover and big bass in heavy cover. The Bass University students also pick John's brain about: how to approach bass on beds, catching pre-spawn cruising fish, irritating bass into biting, pegging soft plastics, batteries for all-day trolling, upsizing & downsizing bait and more! If you're ready to learn all of John Cox's secret tournament-winning tips for catching big bass while sight fishing, this is the class for you.

  • 0:22 Sight fishing is the best part bass fishing, but it's not just when they're on beds
  • 1:11 The first stage of bass moving up for spawning and the baits to sneak up on them
  • 4:36 Second stage of bass moving onto the beds and what baits to use to pick them off, like the Dirty Jigs Swim Jig
  • 8:55 Fry guarders
  • 11:18 The final sight fishing stage
  • 12:44 Tips for successful sight fishing
  • 14:27 More on a good all-around sight fishing tackle setup and John Cox's favorite braid to fluoro knot
  • 20:20 Sight fishing setup for open water, clear water, sparse cover or submergent grass
  • 22:16 Tackle for sight fishing around wood or solid cover
  • 24:02 Tackle for when fish are locked on beds
  • 25:54 John Cox's favorite setup for catching bass off the bed in heavy cover
  • 27:45 John's setup for catching monster big bass when sight fishing
  • 30:22 Approaching a bed that has a male and female
  • 34:25 Color for fishing Berkley Trilene Big Game
  • 35:23 Regular Powerbait vs Maxscent soft plastics
  • 36:44 Sunglasses for sight fishing
  • 38:30 Battery setup for maximizing sight fishing tournament practice
  • 40:30 Boat positioning for bed fish
  • 41:40 Making changes when you can't get a bed fish to commit, or they're just nipping at the bait
  • 43:18 John Cox's 2021 tournament schedule and is it too much?
  • 45:31 Upsizing to elicit big fish bites from bedding bass and running baits into the bass
  • 53:22 Bed fishing in muddy water
  • 55:11 Pegging weights & bobber stops
  • 58:27 Fishing for pre-spawn cruising bass
  • 1:00:09 Attempting to save Walter the injured bass
  • 1:02:28 What can co-anglers do while boaters/pros are bed fishing in a tournament?

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