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In this bass fishing video, John Cox is back on the water to talk about fishing soft plastic stickbaits. John has won a lot of money with this technique and he has some secret tips that will help you catch more bass fishing soft plastic stickbaits like Berkley Powerbait The General Worm & the Yamamoto Senko.

  • 0:26 What makes a soft plastic stickbait so awesome?
  • 0:50 When to fish a soft plastic stickbait
  • 1:08 John Cox's favorite soft plastic stickbait colors
  • 1:39 Tackle setup for fishing a soft plastic stickbait (rod, reel, line, etc)
  • 2:52 The braid to fluorocarbon leader knot that John Cox uses and leader length he prefers
  • 6:13 Fluorocarbon leader material (characteristics of a good leader line)
  • 6:54 Hooks for rigging a soft plastic stickbait
  • 8:27 Sizes of stickbaits
  • 8:58 Soft plastic stickbait rigging and weighting
  • 15:07 Choosing a soft plastic stickbait, like the Berkley Powerbait The General Worm, and selecting colors
  • 17:23 On the water soft plastic stickbait fishing demonstration (places to fish, fishing cover, seawall fishing and more)

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